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Easy late night treats to satisfy those midnight cravings!

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20 Replies to “easy things to cook desserts: 14 Fun And Easy Late Night Treats • Tasty”

  1. Ah yes, just let me take out my fresh cookie dough and my brownie batter from the fridge so I can eat that while I am laying in bed watching Netflix instead of just baking cookies or brownies from the already prepared batters I have

  2. Bruh if I want something sweet at 2am I make toast with pb & nutella. Not fooking icecream that I have to freeze for 4 hours

  3. Damn it. These recipes are too complex for this late and I decided to get a bowl of cereal and milk. The milk starts to bubble with the cereal and it turns out the milk expired today. That was our last carton of milk. Damn it life.

  4. Mom “hey son whatcha doin up this late?!!” Person who actually makes these” just makin me a midnight snack” Mom “I don’t think a whole frickin pie is a snack” The person “well I Thought it was because it was on a video by tasty called late night snacks” Mom “um………………….ok” “then tasty doesn’t know what the frickin crahp a late night snack is”. edit: they do look good though

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