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  1. I’ve made these vegan cookies 4 times and they’ve NEVER looked like how they do in the video. However, they’re absolutely amazing! My favorite cookies. Crispy outside and gooey inside, so yummy! But if anyone can help me with why mine aren’t rising as much and don’t look as full and the edges are very thin and ridged.. I’d really appreciate it! ☺️ (I followed the recipe exactly)

  2. if you cant find a vegan non dairy milk, here's some recipes:
    oat milk:
    1 cup small cut oats
    3 cups water
    1 tsp vanilla
    blend for 2 minutes or until no chunks of oats, then strain to take out any excess chunks

    almond milk:
    1 cup almonds
    3 cups water
    1 tsp vanilla
    1 tsp sugar
    blend for 2 minutes or until no chunks of almonds, then in a tea cloth, pore the milk and you will get a lot of chunks in the teacloth caught and with your hand, squeezed the excess milk out of the cloth,

    store these milks for 2 weeks, these are so god, I think they'll be finished sooner:)

  3. Enen though I am not a vegetarian i learned alot from this with I'll try these inshaAllah stay safe keep smiling stay blessed and I'll use normal ingredients though or actually I'll try the vegan ones someday

  4. Holy crap I made the cookies and it's way too much oil I did it word for word, by the damn gram and even put extra flour as suggested by someone in the comments but yh way too much oil so I suggest putting half as much as suggested. Thanks for helping me waste and bin what few baking ingredients I had left.

  5. I’m a vegan baker and these desserts are an accurate description of what eating vegan deserts looks like.. vegan meat and cheeses are pretty darn good too if you cook and season it correctly.. I can pretty much veganize anything including my daughters favorite; fettuccine Alfredo, you would be shocked how well tofu and cashew cream can make a delicious sauce.. my non vegan family even prefers my food over their own!

  6. Quick and easy vegan chocolate cake

    First get a chocolate cake box mix (preferably vegan 😂) then add a can of coke 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Sounds gross, but it didn’t taste like coke at all , i was super worried that it would because i hate coke 😂

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