49 Replies to “easy things to cook desserts: 5 Dairy-Free Desserts”

  1. me: lactose intolerant and also hates dates with a burning passion
    tasty: no dairy date cake with date filling and date sauce topped with toasted DATES!!!

  2. I love how they had to say 5 dairy free desserts", instead just calling them 5 vegan desserts instead… cuz meat eaters get triggered when they see vEgAN

  3. my lactose intolerant ass just wants dairy free shit without it being vegan bc man i love eggs and fuckin sugar in my shit not some dates or anything fuck that id rather just eat home made shit with dairy in it than eat vegan shit

  4. Alright so my boyfriend doesn't like avocados I wanna make that one for him and see if he notices anything, any suggestions of anything else with avocado in it I could trick him into eating? (Also we are long distance and I wanna prank him when he comes so yeah😂)

  5. For that first recipe, they said leave the cashew nuts over night. People go to bed at different times and wake up different times so could they be more specific about the information. Not hating or anything. 🕐😊

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