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Try these 7 satisfying no-bake desserts

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47 Replies to “easy things to cook desserts: 7 Satisfyingly Easy No-Bake Desserts • Tasty”

  1. You came here seeing the video hoping you could make yourself something during quarantine, but instead you ended up realizing you're unable to make anything and just watched the video for no reason

    Or you just came to flex that you're Filipino and have purple yam and not even cook the recipe

  2. An purple yam is an quite an Filipino thing, or you may see a lot here at Southeast Asia especially in the Philippines and it's super good in desserts or even if in some savory dishes (sometimes). I'm super proud 💜💜💜 And it called ube. Love it.

  3. The video: no bake desserts
    me again: oh well at least I have something to do in quarantine WHEN WILL IT END \(;´□`)/ ಥ_ಥ

    took me hours to make these faces so plz like if you want ty

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