31 Replies to “easy things to cook desserts: Late Night Snacks pt. 2”

  1. Yes, because if I’m hungry at 1 AM, I’ll wait an hour to let dough rise, then fire up my deep fryer, then eat a few mini calzones when I could’ve just eaten a plain tortilla or made a sandwich.

  2. “Late Night Snacks” If I where to attempt any of these late at night I would end up with burnt fingers, shards of bowls on the floor, and/or food poisoning.

  3. I like how to title is late night snacks when the process to get these done takes a couple hours
    A late night snack is like chips, not a freaking pizza dipper

  4. Murderer: What are you doing… it’s 2 in the morning
    Me: oh just making some snacks 🙂
    Murderer: what is in-front of you?
    Me: oh just dough, I’m waiting for it to rise, there are * looks at clock * 53 minutes left.
    Murderer: …
    Me: …

    Me: Wanna play uno?

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