49 Replies to “easy things to cook desserts: Mouthwatering Recipes For Junk Food Lovers”

  1. Alguien más notó el engaño de tasty? El emoji de caquita cuando está cruda y la meten a freír tiene la cara dibujada con algo de profundidad, en la última toma tiene la cara en relieve como pedazos extras 😂
    Sos un engaño tasty!

  2. When you're vegan,lactose intolerant,allergic to 80% of fruits,allergic to broccoli,cauliflower,carrots,tomatoes,potatoes,tofu and cant handle 60% of legumes: air tastes good

  3. What’s great about this is that these are genuine recipes made by people who just want to share their love of cooking with the world not in it for the money with fake recipes and clickbate cough cough so yummy and five minute crafts and Troom troom.

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