50 Replies to “easy things to cook for brakefast: How I Make My Favorite Hispanic Recipes”

  1. I thought it was cool when you were talking about different variations of foods you thought resembled your country. It reminded me of like pasties empanadas and hand pies, how they are similar yet everyone adds a little home to it!

  2. I loved this video, and the discussion as well. I teared up and had to pause when you stated "every dish has a message of someone's story". That's so true and hits home in a very poignant way. My hubby is from Ecuador, and my in-laws embraced me immediately into their family. Everytime one of my in-laws share a recipe with me, they tell me the story behind it. How it was their mama's favorite, or how it got them through harsh winters, or how they always add this or that because it reminds them of home and family.
    After I heard you make that statement, I tearfully and agreeably subscribed.
    We are all just people with a story to tell. And thank God, food is a universal language.
    Love and blessings from Miami, FL,

  3. I get that you do the dishes with your own ingredients twisting the mix. But then don't say that tortilla is "authentic spanish cousine" because it's probably the furthest you'll ever be from spanish cuisine mixing the ingredients like that. Just said is gyour own tortilla but don't lie with that abomination

  4. No real such thing as Latin food. LatinX is a big lie. Real Latin food is from Italyis part of Mediterranean region.

    It's actually regional foods tied to different regions that are unique to different cultures.

    North America Mexican food

    Guatemala to Panama Central American food.

    South American food Colombia to Argentina can be broken in to sub regions like Andean (Peru Ecuador Bolivia Chile) Amazonian( Brazil) Patagonian (Argentina Uruguay)

    Caribbean food (Puerto Rico Cuba Dominican Republic Haiti Jamaica ECT ECT )

  5. As a British-Colombian this video was so good in helping me connect with my heritage through culinary when my mum wasn’t around! Thank you! We’re making aborrajados this weekend! She said that she hadn’t had them since we left Colombia!

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