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46 Replies to “easy things to cook for brakefast: How To Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time”

  1. When someone eats with tasty
    "mmm… These are so delicious… Mmm… Yummy… How do you make these… Mmm… How much …mmm…butter do you use to make these…mmm"
    Tasty: 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  2. “Some people are scared of fried eggs”
    Scared… of eggs?
    Is that a real phobia, lemme look this up
    Edit: ovaphobia (from Latin ova, egg) is the fear of eggs. Ovaphobia is often triggered due to negative experiences involving eggs, like getting hit by eggs, accidentally breaking eggs, smelling eggs and gooeyness of eggs. It may also be triggered from being allergic to eggs. (Fun fact, I actually just wrote what google said before copy and pasting it)

  3. How to cook the perfect meal for the family.

    Step 1. Cook some butter
    Step 2. Add some more butter for flavour
    Step 3. Add some more butter for creamy texture.
    Step 4. Add butter for greater depth and flavour.
    Step 5. Season it with an egg

  4. Her: So you wanna put the egg in an ice bath to prevent the chalky, grayish green yolk which we don’t want-
    Me: But I eat those types of boiled eggs all the time..
    Edit: is “doneness” a word?

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