47 Replies to “easy things to cook for dinner: 31 One-Pot Recipes”

  1. This is exactly what I needed. I am a host mom with international students in my home every term. I can never think of what to make every night that is quick and easy. I am going to post these as a list and just start at the top and work my down and back up to the top. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  2. Yes, this version of broccoli cheddar soup is made with veggie stock,..to use chicken broth, or stock in broccoli cheese soup,…should be considered "cheating" and is NOT vegan friendly.

  3. Am I the single one looking at this in quarantine and then thinking about ,,Hmmm….maybe I am goingt to do that bc I have too many dishes to wash and I'm lazy"

  4. How come these recipes take you 1 minute to show and me 2 hours to make? Of course, I have to factor in sending hubby to the store, at least twice, once for the andouille sausage, then again when he brings home Jimmy Dean sausage instead. Or for cream, when he first brings back non-dairy coffee creamer. You get me…

  5. This is the first time I’ve actually cooked the recipe in one of these videos 😂It was really good but there should’ve only been 2oz of cream cheese for me. It was a bit tooooo cheesy lol

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