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Stay fit with these amazing, low-carb dinner recipes!

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31 Replies to “easy things to cook for dinner: 5 Low-Carb Dinner Recipes To Help You Stay Fit • Tasty”

  1. For those militantly critiquing the amount of carbs here, do you realize that the average person eats pizza or a double quarter pounder with cheese for dinner? These are better. That is all they are trying to say.

  2. I thought it was just me thinking hey-ho no go with potato. Yeah people those rice noodles are also not a low carb; along with the pasta. Also for those who do not know, bread, some fruits, grains, pasta etc etc are all carbs. Dr. Sarah Hallberg would not believe this video ~ watch her talk reversing diabetes talk TED talk here on Youtube.

  3. Oh jesus christ ! They didn't say "no carb" they said "LOW CARB" ! Low means a less than the average ! So stop saying "Ouuuh there is carb in this" !

  4. Does it grow above ground? It's low carb! Does it grow in the ground? It's not low carb XD
    But to be honest, some of these recipes are easily fixed. And besides it's LOW CARB, not NO CARB XD

  5. I know if you're recreating these recipe's you can just leave them out, but for a video meant to be healthy, you use a lot of cheese and cream and potatoes!

  6. Low carb?? That's too much of cheese and oil for a one time meal. I am on low carb and trust me .. mine ain't even have cheese ,let alone in this quantity ….

  7. Potatoes, white bread, brown sugar, rice noodles, pasta, flour, milk…I wish more than one recipe had actually been low carb. I was looking forward to this.

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    Thanks, Muhanad Khleifat

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