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Michael Symon cooks up a dairy-free dinner at home by adding cauliflower to the mix and making his own Parmesan “cheese” with nutritional yeast, cashews, garlic powder and kosher salt! #stayhome #withme #wecook

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30 Replies to “easy things to cook for dinner: Cook Along with Michael Symon | Dairy-Free Macaroni and "Cheese" | Daily Dinner Day 9”

  1. This is great! I've been Lactose intolerant my whole life and had just decided to ingore it and deal with the stomach aches. I've had some other issues coming up and decided before a doctor tells me to stop eating dairy I'd just do it. So this is great because I love mac and cheese and that's been the hardest part of giving up dairy!! Thank you for this!

  2. I said this the other day, but think it's worth repeating – thank you for thinking of others at this time, you're a good man. PS Can't wait to make this!!

  3. I am a Nurse and I have RA and Lupus and am currently being tested for leukemia. I started immunosuppressive therapy yesterday and am having a hard time mentally. This video is helping me keep my mind off things and gives me low inflammation meal for me, hubby and our 4 kids. thanks for the distraction and entertainment.

  4. I expect a chef of your caliber to create dishes that I’d aspire to to make….catering to vegan, dairy free, next will be gluten free… keep it. For the most part self imposed nutritional limitations are for the entitled.

  5. I make cream of cauliflower soup. Onion and leek sauteed with chopped cauliflower. Add water and boil till soft. Put blender till smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste. I kid you not. Best cream soup I have ever had. No cream. Great with broccoli. Or any veg you have.

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