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Grilled Chops with Bourbon Glaze with Sweet Potato FRITTERS are on the menu tonight for Day 28 of #SymonDinners! #StayHome #WithMe #WeCook

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30 Replies to “easy things to cook for dinner: Cook Along with Michael Symon | Grilled Chops with Bourbon Glaze | Daily Dinner Day 28”

  1. I am enjoying your cooking at home videos thank you I appreciate your wife serving behind the camera but she is so loud and so grading when she speaks I assume because of the audio and you are so soft and muted sometimes can’t hear what you have to say got to fix this or I’m out

  2. Warning!!! Bobby Flay will take your BBQ pants away! The dome thermometer on a Weber kettle isn't very useful. It tells you the temperature at dome level, not at grate level where your meat is. You suggested that when the dome thermometer says 500º over the hot coals it will be 500º over the cool side. It will be more like 300º. You are one of my cooking heroes but I will have to switch to Bobby for bbq information.

  3. Really outdid yourself today chef Michael
    This looks absolutely spectacular, you cooked those chops perfect.juicy juicy. Fritters go great, along with the gravy.yep uhuh✌️
    Hope you all had a great holiday,be safe be well

  4. fireball sucks it's like somebody mixed cheap whiskey with cinnamon shnapps. you're better off getting a better whiskey and just mixing it with dekuyper's hot damn.

  5. I am half Greek as well and I love Greek food. My YIA YIA was the best cook. I would love to see how you make agulemono soup. I love your show. My kids bought us a trip to Greece and we are suppose to go to Greece for the month of June. I hope to still go but doubt it will happen. It's been my lifelong dream.

  6. Micheal Symon is the best, I love your channel, I love your family, I love what you are doing. I have taken all of Micheal's advice. I have jumped out of my comfort zone and now I am on a target to build my food channel, I have even created my youtube channel to follow my progress. My next vlog is due to drop in 45 minutes. I would love some support and feedback.
    Please hit the Subscribe button and check it out.

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