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Michael’s one-pan chicken dinner comes together quickly, and all on one tray! He uses chicken thighs, but you can easily use chicken breasts or legs, pork chops or whatever you have on hand! #stayhome #withme

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42 Replies to “easy things to cook for dinner: Cook Along with Michael Symon | One-Tray Chicken with Rice Pilaf | Daily Dinner Day 8”

  1. A moment of sympathy for Norman. His nose is open and working – all his skills are being challenged – and he is being raised at the feet (literally) of Chef Symon. Everything his human daddy does in the kitchen he is so willing to smell and taste. You can see he is learning manners. The refrigerator is opened and he sits and looks at it all and smells from a respectful (non-doggy approved) distance. The oven opens and he moves close (oops – one step back and sit) and gets to smell everything, mouth no doubt drooling by now. The stove top might as well be a mountain top – except that he can smell it all so well! But please daddy! You must not be so careful – some of that must drop!!

  2. I thought it wasn't safe to reheat rice? Love the idea of using leftover rice for something like Crispy Fried Rice as Michael mentions, but I thought it wasn't safe to reheat rice that has already been cooked?

  3. Ugh! Why does everyone insist on using cilantro? LOL! It tastes like soap to me and I absolutely hate it. The rest looks really good. Thank you, Michael, for doing this to keep us entertained and educated during isolation.

  4. I just love these shows after the quarantine I think you should continue these at home with Michael the Food Network has gotten so contest heavy these basic cooking classes are perfect

  5. Thank you Michael. I used regular potatoes instead, sub’d a yellow onion for the cabbage, because that is what I had. Boneless skinless breast tasted great. First time trying to make pilaf and it was real good. I added cilantro to my plate. My young adult children really liked the overall taste of everything.

  6. Hello chef Simon, I love all your recipes and respect everything you do. Just a suggestion for the pilaf rice: instead of covering the rice while the liquid it still there, I would just let the liquid boil with the rice until the water evaporates and than lower the fire and cover so the rice can cook evenly. It actually works

  7. Hi there I would love to make your food but I found out that I have its servers as well as fructose meal function so live on a fob map diet you think you have good recipes that I could have? I would really love to know if there are any good recipes out there

  8. O how I've missed you and Miss Karla my stylin Chef with the fun glasses. Good to see you are back on the food network. I rarely watch this channel anymore. When I come to it on the TV it was predomiinately all about Ree and Guy. Nothing wrong with that but seemed like that was ALL they had to offer. Good to see you back. Hopefully that will change.

  9. I'm really enjoying your videos that you have been putting up here the last several days. You give tips and exchanges for the meals that other people might not think of putting together. Very well done Michael !!

  10. Love watching Michael Symon. One of the best celebrity chefs and extremely likable. πŸ˜πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ Thank you for these videos!

  11. So lovely. So over looked, a nice cutting board with a good knife for me also. Can't wait to try this. Thank you for what your doing to help us all.

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