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A flavorful, Instant Pot meal for a quick and easy weeknight dish!

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50 Replies to “easy things to cook for dinner: Flavorful Instant Pot Butter Chicken • Tasty”

  1. Instead of removing the chicken and slicing it on a chopping board, I would just lift it piece by piece with tongs and cut it over the pot using a pair of kitchen shears. Faster, and you don’t lose some of the liquid on the chopping board. Also no chopping board to clean

  2. This does not work, pot won't come to pressure and immediately gives burn message when close to pressurizing due to the reliance of water releasing from the chicken as it cooks.

  3. Sorry but this won't come out good at all. For butter chicken you have to roast it in a tandoor first. If you simply put the chicken in a pressure cooker it will never come out nice.

  4. I followed the recipe exactly, but the burn message on my instant pot came up, I made sure no food was stuck on the bottom of the pot and attempted again…. I was never able to pressure cook it for 5 min like it shows in the video. Help! 😩

  5. I think their intention is to make an easier recipe version that anyone can cook,coz to be honest some of us arent able to access the full ingredients that go along with making the authentic chicken butter dish.

  6. That’s not butter chicken and who eats nan with rice? I don’t know whether to find it offensive or extremely funny but currently I’m finding it hilarious.

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