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Let us know if you want to learn about charcoal grilling too!

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49 Replies to “easy things to cook for dinner: How To Grill Everything”

  1. A lot of this is bad advice, and unless you are going for a particular effect, I wouldn't follow it.
    a) Don't cover a steak on the first sear. Cover it only after the flip.
    b) Vegetables usually need to go on before the meat, especially things like onions, because it takes longer slower heat to caramelize the sugars in vegetables and break down the tissue compared to a well marbled cut of beef.
    c) Grilling that lemon does almost nothing but make a visual effect.

  2. Best way to turn off the grill is to leave the knobs on with the flame still on and turn off the propane tank first. That way you don't leave any extra propane gas trapped in the lines.

  3. how about making a vid with a real grill. none of this gas or propane garbage. use a real charcoal grill. if you are using a gas grill, you might as well use a stove. the grill doesn't add any flavor like a charcoal grill, but it still makes the meat less juicy. use a charcoal grill or don't use a grill at all.

  4. As someone that grills, I lost interest at knobs, and propane. As some that enjoys comedy I lost it when they grilled lettuce, Ramsey is coming for you 😂

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  6. If you have a grill that requires a propane tank then you might as well cook inside the house. Grilling is about the smoke and smokey food is addictive. A grill with a propane tank is just like an outside cooktop. It’s essentially someone just cooking outside. A change of cooking environment. Not real grilling.

  7. There is so many things wrong with this video.

    -Your grill grates are UPSIDE DOWN. according to Weber the flat side should be up.
    -Your propane hose is not connected to the grill correctly. That clip should suspend the hose from the top of the storage compartment.
    -your side burner is not even connected. There is a hose is just hanging there
    -Those grates are porcelain ENAMELED. Using a tool like that to clean them will scrape off the enamel causing them to rust.
    -The burner tubes are made of stainless not cast iron as you pointed out.

    If you are supposed to be an expert on something please get someone who knows something about the topic.

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