28 Replies to “easy things to cook for dinner: Three Easy Ways To Meal Prep For Your Picky Eater // Presented by Happy Family Organics”

  1. Step 1) find a sponsor
    Step 2) fake that you use the product of your sponsor on a daily basis and that you kids love it
    Step 3) profit

  2. I have a sibling who is such a picky eater that they say they don't like any veggies. They don't eat too many different fruits mainly would just be strawberries, bananas and maybe raspberries. They don't like eggs or won't try it and won't eat meat or try condiments either not even ketchup. Mainly just eats cheese related things like chips and cheese or cheese tacos or sometimes plain biscuits. They are already 13 and I want to try and make something they may eat but I can't think of any real foods using so little ingredients that would be nutritious. Any ideas?

  3. If I fed my baby cousin that she would caca all over the house so I donโ€™t think this will work for me since then I would have to clean up the poopoo Caca and it would smell like actual sh*t

  4. Picky eater, when I was kid Iโ€™d just finish what id like 1% of my meal and sit there until i got send to my room because it was sleep time. This would not have helped my mum.

  5. Good tip for parents of picky kids: If your kid hates a particular food, ask them what they don't like about it. It could be the taste, texture, color, doneness, temperature, seasoning, the utensils they have to use in order to eat it, anything. Example: I hated broccoli as a kid but my parents made me eat it even though it made me gag and choke.

    Turns out I'm autistic and the bushy part of broccoli is what makes me sick (due to sensory issues + taste), especially if it's overdone. I actually love the stalk part of broccoli, but no one ever thought to separate the stalks for me, because they had no idea why I hated broccoli.

    If they had just asked me about it and talked through it with me, I could've avoided so much unnecessary unpleasantness, and had a healthy vegetable I would actually eat a whole lot sooner.

  6. Idk about you, but picky eaters means "i dont like this, i dont like that". A recipe that calls for this many ingredients definitely INCREASES the chances of picky eaters NOT liking it

  7. to anyone who might know-HOW do people reheat each type of produce? (: i have never understood how each produce is reheated! ๐Ÿ™

  8. I grew up not knowing what a picky eater is. I ate what my mom could put on the table and I respected it. Children have become so spoiled that it is now normal. Teach your kids to respect what they get no matter what it is

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