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42 Replies to “easy things to cook for lunch: 4 Meals Anyone Can Make”

  1. the best dish:- chilled sqaured(or whichever shape) water box😂
    1. Take water
    2. take a tray
    3. add water in tray
    4. open freezer
    5. put the tray in it
    6. wait for 2-3 hrs
    7. take out the tray
    8. take out the chilled watered ice box(cubes)
    9. eat it
    advise;: beware of the strict peraon who lecturews you not to eat it!😂💯

  2. the only thing i see here is all the foods that im not able to make and will most prolly burnt down the whole kitchen and because of that moving out to a new house cuz the old one is burnt down with cheese

  3. I’m starving rn cuz I got nth to do lol
    Also even tho I got the ingredients my mom won’t lemme go into the kitchen..she knows I’m gonna burn the kitchen down lmao

  4. Hello po…. Please check this Channel "Ches2Cher D. " Their starting their youtube channel recently and they are two siblings who cook, bake just for fun while under quarantine. Please Check it out. Its a big thanks if you subscribe to them. Stay safe everyone and GodBless~

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