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43 Replies to “easy things to cook for lunch: Awesome Cast Iron Recipes”

  1. My mom would heat up spaghetti from a can, Spaghetti from a box, in a cast iron skillet, she also made hamburgers, brown her meats in it. when she wash it she use comet, dry it with a paper towel, I think my sister end up with it, She would make some mores with it in the mornings, her favorite breakfast. The french show up in her, The indian show up in me.

  2. Cast Iron Recipes… "Bake at 350 degrees" …. like wtf? The only thing I have is a portable stove and a skillet change this title

  3. Just wanted to say to all the naysayers regarding tomato based acid food being a no-no in cast iron – RUBBISH. I've been doing it for years. I wash the pan. Towel dry it. Heat it up until feel the heat come thru the handle. Remove from heat and coat with generous portion of crisco. As the pan cools, it sucks the grease inside its pores and viola, no damage done by the acidic dish! Fyi – acidic dishes aid in leaching the iron from the pan and give you a healthy boost as you eat. Love, love, love cast iron.

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  5. Literally food for thought!!! Ratatouille is definitely worth it although I did modify a bit (no parsley, less olive oil). Easy way to integrate more veggies. Merci beaucoup!!

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