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Easy microwaveable meals for those inevitable all-nighters!

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33 Replies to “easy things to cook for lunch: Easy And Affordable Microwave Meals For College • Tasty”

  1. 1:47 At what point can college students afford $3.99/each for an avacado to even think about making guacamole

    And its already been said enough… but easy microwave meals that all take specific seasonings and pan fryings to make FIRST are not "easy microwavable meals".

  2. bro im hella scared the potato is sizzling like hell
    the plate is hot as hell
    update: im scared to take the plate out
    update 2: i got the plate out

  3. Tasty psychology : Guys! we're running out of ideas for vids. I know, let's repeat a bunch of old recipes that have ready been repeated a 100 times! Nobody will notice.!

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