39 Replies to “easy things to cook for lunch: Easy-To-Make Pesto Recipes”

  1. I have a delicious 3 ingredient recipe.
    3 Ingredients: Shredded Cheese, Beef/Grilled Chicken, Potatoes
    Basically imagine making a cake. The topping is cheese. The dough is the potatoes. And the little chocolate chips inside the cake is the beef/Grilled chicken

  2. Pesto, cream, pecorino, fresh fettuccine, and chicken, is the best combomation, but they didn’t even make real pesto, the just creamed some basil and garlic, real pesto is made in a mortar and pestle

  3. why don't you guys make this
    banana pancakes

    pua a banana in a bowl
    get a fork and mush it
    then get an egg
    crack it and put it in the bowl
    mix until makes a pancake texture
    put it in the pan

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