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45 Replies to “easy things to cook for lunch: Vegan Meals High In Iron”

  1. anemia sucks. i feel fatigue almost all the time and it’s so annoying. I just wanna do what normal teens my age do, go play in the sun, swim in the sea but i can’t even go out in the streets without an adult accompanying me.

  2. Hi, pro tip here: if you want to make foods high in iron make sure they aren't also high in calcium because calcium completely blocks the absorption of iron, that's why even though kale has a lot of iron in it it's never named as a food high in iron, because it's also full of calcium. So if you eat lentils to get in iron but also eat chickpeas which are high in calcium you're basically only getting the calcium. Also try to eat something with a lot of vitamin c in it with your iron rich meal as vitamin c helps with the absorption of iron (like a LOT) and in case you were planning on getting your iron in through breakfast then avoid black tea, green tea and coffee since those also massively block the intake of iron 🙂

  3. Due to economic reasons i didnt touch meat or chicken from like 2 months,my diet is 90% vegetarian and guess what?!! I thought im already half way from being an offetional vegetarian so why not ?!! its already my current diet ? lifestyle..the only thing that makes me a bit afraid is the iron thing.I mean many vegetables are great source of protein ,so that is not an issue,however as i read her in comments plants iron is hard to absorb and i think i already have iron deficiency anaemia,i knew that cuz my lower eyelid is too pale,,can anyone who is vegetarian tell me more about that?! have u ever got anamia?? and can i just take iron supplements to get enough of it ?!

  4. This food looks very good, but qn animal didnt die for it so it no longer appeals to me. i dont care about the animals feelings at all, the only use in them is food, they dont contribute to society like us humans. In the jungle the biggest and strongest animal wins. We are that animal. We are smart. Therefore we eat animals because are useless and there purpose in life is to be eaten.

  5. I am a hematologist, greens have phytic acid which stops you from absorbing iron.
    Actually a bowl of cereal ( any kind in USA) has more iron than a lot of those dishes, the problem is that you have to take it with orange juice , not milk

  6. I made the first one and it was shockingly easy and delicious! I don't think I've ever actually had one of these easy little recipe video things work out so well. I'm really impressed! It's totally gonna be a staple snack for me. I used frozen chopped kale/collard greens and the last bit of hummus in a jar and an old leftover wrap, went from feeling like I had no food to having a really nice snack.

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